A video game about consent: Crossing Boundaries

Crossing Boundaries is a travel game for teenagers

When you’re trying to properly teach consent it becomes a little difficult to get the point across without using some form of media to help you. The games produced by Jennifer Ann’s Group are great for forming an easy, and open, source of communication about consent for kids and young adults. Today we will be looking at Crossing Boundaries, a game for teenagers that can also be quite resourceful for college-age students. The game takes you through quite a few situations in which you learn about different approaches to many situations and the various ways that consent is important.

Crossing Boundaries combines a travel game with important scenarios about consent.

Travelling the World

Crossing Boundaries is all about three friends who recently got out of school. To celebrate this they have saved up some money and decided to travel the world together. The two characters Eva and Alice bring along their friend Joe who doesn’t always think his decisions through. Thanks to Joe, and missing their plane early on, the friends get into quite a bit of trouble on their adventure across the world. The game also incorporates a cute mini-game with some fun mechanics to drive home the themes of consent even more throughout the game.

“Snog a Frog” is the game-within-a-game you will play along with the game’s characters

Even if it’s something like trying to force someone to try a new food, “no means no!”

My very favorite thing about Crossing Boundaries is that it’s about more than just sexual consent. It delves into the fact that every person has their own will and no one has a right to try and go against it. One of the main driving points that popped up in the game is that you can’t make choices for another person’s body. For example, Joe decides on his own to sign his friends up for a perfume testing project that could potentially harm them, because “there weren’t many spots left.” As the game clearly shows, the issue of consent extends beyond the realm of dating and sex to include anything that affects your personal space, will, or body.

The game also had choices you could make for each situation that popped up. There were multiple choices to each situation and it’s up to you to choose how you react. It presented the fact that every circumstance has multiple paths you can follow, with multiple positive reactions to choose from. It also showed that standing up to someone may not always be as well received as you hope.

Humans are complicated in their emotions and when they are put into an uncomfortable situation they may not be thinking straight or know how to properly react to someone that’s trying to pressure them. The game shows Joe’s growth and through his growth shows how positive actions can affect those around you, helping them become better people.

You Can’t Script a Real Situation

I really think that Crossing Boundaries helps prove the point that there’s not always one way to react to a situation. Each problem you encounter in life is unique and you will have to react in a way you feel comfortable with. The game also makes a point that just because someone doesn’t say no or run away, that isn’t ground for assuming they’re okay with a situation. All in all, everyone has a right to decide what they feel comfortable with doing in their life. Even if it’s something like trying to force someone to try a new food, “no means no!”

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