Rispek Danis (the Respect Dance) is a Game About Consent

Rispek Danis presents healthy relationship habits to the Bislama speaking community through a culturally relevant video game.

Rispek Danis is a game made by Jennifer Ann’s Group in collaboration with World Vision Vanuatu. This game takes a culturally relatable approach to presenting healthy relationship habits to the Bislama speaking community (Bislama is the primary language of Vanuatu).

The game is simple to use and can run on older smartphones thanks to its limited graphical demands. Although Rispek Danis is not in English even non-native speakers can understand the simple steps this game lays out. The game is available for free through the Google Play store and will only take up around 30mbs of space to fully install on your tablet or smart device.

Rispek Danis was developed collaboratively between World Vision Vanuatu and Jennifer Ann’s Group to produce a culturally relevant video game intended to teach young people about the meaning and importance of consent.


Rispek Danis is a simple-to-play game consisting of small puzzles challenging players to select the proper order of steps. To win the game you have to correctly cards in the proper order in which you should approach your partner and if you choose wrong then you will have to start the process over again. If you choose right though you can move on to the next level.

The game is the perfect length to inject into a class covering the concepts of healthy dating relationships.

The game is very simple and easy to understand making it a wonderful teaching tool for young people. Although the game’s intention is to teach young people about consent through an evolving relationship, the game keeps away from anything more physical than kissing giving it its all-ages feel. In fact, the game is the perfect length to inject into a class covering the concepts of healthy dating relationships.

If you play your cards right you might find yourself in a healthy relationship!

By learning to identify and respect boundaries we can start to build a world with healthier relationships.

To play the game you simply have to choose an avatar to represent you. After you have chosen your avatar the game will prompt you to click the look around button. Once this button is clicked you will be given a choice of partners to choose from, simply click the one you like to start the game. The game will set you up with a scenario in which you must properly approach your partner. At the bottom of the screen will be different actions for you to choose from. Simply click the action that best fits your stage of asking your partner to dance with you in order to reach Level Two.

Rispek Danis prompts the player to select their character’s gender as well as the gender of their crush — a helpful reminder that consent matters in all relationships regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

As the game goes on you will have more choices to choose from. Rispek Danis especially likes to push the concept of asking your partner for permission. If you don’t ask your partner for permission before performing an action then you fail the scenario. This really drives home the point that everyone is an individual with their own thoughts and feelings. You should never assume someone wants to do something based on how you feel, always check with your partner before doing any action that may involve them. The game also points out that if a partner is intoxicated they cannot give consent!

The final scene is on the beach — can you make it that far?

Humans are complicated in their emotions and when they are put into an uncomfortable situation they may not be thinking straight or know how to properly react to someone that’s trying to pressure them. The game shows Joe’s growth and through his growth shows how positive actions can affect those around you, helping them become better people.

Rispek Danis spans four scenes, all of which are culturally relevant to life on Vanuatu!

Rispek Danis in Practice

The game is a short play that is easy to grasp. By following the lessons taught in the game we can teach young people to respect each other’s wishes at all times. Even if you have previously kissed your partner, you should never assume that they want physical affection just because you do.

By learning to identify and respect boundaries we can start to build a world with healthier relationships.

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Play Rispek Danis (the Respect Dance)

Developed by: Jared Sain
Produced by: Jennifer Ann's Group and World Vision Vanuatu
Price: Free
Language: Bislama
Age Rating: E for Everyone (ESRB)

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